About Us

Palmetto Cooperative is a credit union service organization (CUSO) specializing in payment services, member communications and business process outsourcing.  For nearly 50 years, we’ve provided accurate, trustworthy service, and we continue to pioneer changes that shape the financial services industry.

Palmetto Cooperative has one purpose, to help credit unions from the inside out.  We work tirelessly behind the scenes to push the line forward for you.  We’re always offering more advanced services to help you keep moving ahead.  Your printing, digital and operations should increase engagement, satisfaction and profitability. That’s why we connect you to innovative products and strategic services.  We are the connectors, bringing you innovative products and more advanced solutions to help you better serve your members.

Technology keeps changing and members are constantly on the move.  You want your credit union to grow, but the day-to-day is slowing you down.  It’s time for you to GO PALMETTO!

It’s not “slow down” time, it’s not “just keep up” time, It’s GO TIME.

Palmetto Cooperative helps you do more than just keep up with the latest in print, digital, and operations – we help you lead the way.

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