Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

No matter what happens, we’re committed to ensuring the continuity of critical operations, safeguarding systems and data, limiting losses, and minimizing disruptions to customer service.

Upon request, we will provide the following due diligence materials:

  • Liability insurance declaration pages
  • Summary of disaster recovery/business continuity plan 

We’re Prepared

Palmetto Cooperative maintains a business continuity plan designed to minimize the effects of a short-length, high-likelihood service disruption such as electrical or communications failure and data corruption or loss. Our disaster recovery plan ensures we’re prepared to handle longer-term disruptions such as fire, tornado, pandemic, or any loss of use of physical locations.

Voice Communications –  We are capable of switching inbound lines to another physical location in 15 minutes or less in case of phone system or phone line failure.

Off-Site Processing – We maintain agreements with other service organizations for use of their facilities, equipment, and even personnel in the event a major disaster causes loss of one of our processing centers.

Data Backups – Our onsite and offsite data backups are processed daily and tested monthly. We maintain dual backups to ensure swift restoration of network infrastructure in the event of a potentially catastrophic hardware or software failure.

Electrical/Backup Power – Our operations centers have uninterrupted power supply (UPS) units and generators so we continue processing with minimal disruption in the event of short-term power failure.

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