Security & Compliance

Protection of your non-public confidential member data is a priority for us and a responsibility we take very seriously. To protect you and your members from fraud risk, we have taken significant precautions to secure our customer data.

All of our systems and networks are secure and access is provided only to those with a business need. In addition, physical access to all of our office and production areas is carefully controlled and monitored.

We regularly monitor all of our servers and websites for unauthorized intrusions through formal intrusion testing processes.

We also undergo rigorous SSAE 16 Type II audit testing every year. Developed by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), a SSAE No. 16 audit is the authoritative guidance for reporting on service organizations.   Advancements in online commerce and Internet-based transactions demand that credit unions and their service organizations demonstrate such standards in hosting or processing member data.

Due Diligence

Upon request, we are happy to provide the following due diligence materials:

  • Full SSAE No. 16 audit report
  • Audited financial reports
  • A full copy of Palmetto Cooperative’s systems and process review ensuring¬†our systems and safeguards meet all requisite standards for protecting member data
  • Other information as necessary

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