Insert Rewards

Generate non-interest income with Palmetto Cooperative Insert Rewards! Palmetto Cooperative is focused on forward-looking, value-added solutions for our credit union and business partners. Our Insert Rewards program provides additional recurring revenue to defray costs of your statement mailings. insertsample_web

Inserts: How They Work

It’s simple. Include an insert in your mail and you’ve established a source of new non-interest income. Palmetto Cooperative has secured discounts and special offers for your members from major advertisers such as H&R Block™, DirecTV™ and Goodyear™. You decide which to include in your statement mailing to members, and Palmetto Cooperative returns to you a portion of the advertisers’ marketing revenue after the mailing is complete. We do the legwork. You enjoy the reward.

High Value, Low Disruption

Palmetto Cooperative coordinates Insert Rewards offers, so all you need to do to is opt in to the program. Each insert offers savings on items your membership is likely to want and use. You’re providing an added benefit at no cost to your own organization.

What Our Customers Say

Those already in the Palmetto Cooperative Insert Rewards program have seen tangible benefits. Here’s what one told us:

We were a little nervous at first, but the inserts are high quality, for useful consumables and other products people can actually use, and our membership has had no negative feedback. Having it available for both paper and e-statement delivery really increases our non-interest income potential.

Shannon Pahula, CPM FCU Director of Retail and Marketing

Join Insert Rewards

Let Palmetto Cooperative know you’re interested in the program by completing the form below or calling us at 800-235-4290, extension 104. We’ll answer any questions and connect you right away to your new non-interest revenue stream.

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