With our StatementConnect platform, you can create custom interactive statements, bills, invoices and notices that increase member or customer engagement, reduce costs and increase profitability.

Palmetto Cooperative helps you do more than just redesign and reformat your statements, we’ll give you an efficient and affordable way to enhance your level of communication and customer service.

StatementConnect’s interactive statement solution can:

Increase Engagement by:

  • placing your targeted or global messages and offers on statements
  • providing a personalized, engaging experience for members
  • customizing fonts, colors, graphics and themes to different groups
  • improving quality and differentiating yourself from competitors

Reduce Costs by:

  • eliminating inserts and statement stuffers with “onserts”
  • delivering statements electronically to your entire member base without the expense of internet banking vendors
  • reducing paper, printing, and postage costs
  • minimizing customer inquiries with self-service statement interaction

Increase Profitability by:

  • driving business to your website and easily-identify qualified leads
  • advertising directly on statements with highly-personalized messages
  • generating revenue by offering targeted advertising opportunities to business partners
  • increasing debit card use with rewards and special offer links
  • giving members a compelling reason to go paperless
  • generating non-interest income with our Insert Rewards Program

Improve Accessibility by:

  • providing easy-to-access archive portal that maintains documents for 7 years
  • offering statements that can be electronically delivered or printed and mailed