Web Services

Palmetto Cooperative connects you, your employees and your board to the crucial information they need in secure, convenient, online portals. When communication is this easy, you can stay focused on serving your members.

We can help you enhance your communication methods, enable real-time access, save money and stay compliant.

We are the connectors.  Through innovation, ease and accuracy – we are the champions behind our industry’s champions.  We have your back, so you can go forward.  Go Palmetto!

Board Portal

Make board meetings easier to manage and document. Our solution provides your board members and management team with secure access to documents and conversations anytime, anywhere. Collaborative features help you schedule meetings, share information and meet recordkeeping requirements. Learn more.

Customer Portal

Our fully customizable, easy-to-use portal helps you save time and improve communication by:

  • pushing and receiving all files (posting files, returns, statements and e-statements)
  • sharing information internally via the portal bulletin board
  • efficiently managing user access